CAD-C: Creative Applications and Development Center
By: Hasnul Samsudin

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I got my Hellboys!!!!

Extended Hellboy
Extreme Hellboy
Extreme Hellboy
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Finally received these bad-boys from the SDCC! damn.. it was a long wait.

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Galoh Leia & Galoh Safiya

Galoh Leia
Galoh Safiya
My Daughters.
FYI: Galoh means princess in javanese. So these are my two princesses.

Galoh Leia: Born September 30th 2002. Libran. Very Cute. Very Naughty! Takes after his dad - my mom said.

Galoh Safiya: The secondborn - January 8th 2004. Capricorn! Very Stay-Puft Marshmallowy!


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And they're off! among other things...

Mr. Pango: the PANGOLIN
MyMalaysia: Digital Storytelling Project
The students are off... they finished this afternoon. We've given them their HP digital cameras (proudly sponsored by HP Imaging and Printing group) to start their projects. So next week, they're off on their own to make sure that their stories will be the best of the best. Vernon was quite surprised that they've taken onto the tools very quickly and are showing off their early works to him.

Well - let's see what we're gonna get the next NEXT week.
Mr. Pangolin
This guy is our resident MASCOT. Mr. Seren (Animator and anime-man extraordinaire) has come up with this character! He's gonna animate this guy in 3D and in Flash!

Enjoy - allright.

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3rd Day - MyMalaysia:Digital Story Telling and Rants!

Mr. Vernon addressing the Class
Students from SMK Dengkil attentively Listening
Some of the teachers joining in the workshop
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Ola! 3rd Day got off without a hitch. Yesterday - the kids were made to present their stories to the class. This included some training in story-boarding and storytelling. Mr. Vernon's got it down to pat - coming from the industry (20 Years of experience or so) he knows what he's doing. He was one of the guys who worked on several Malaysian Made animation - so he KNOWS.

Nyways - today. Miss Shahrizan (our new intake) is teaching the kids on the hardware aspects of the project. This includes a breezy walkthrough of PC use and some tips on the digital cameras. Soon Jeand Pua (our production specialist) will be going through the software used for this project. I think it's adobe premiere, photoshop and after effects. (I'll have to check on that)

Azmir's just had a meeting with the VR guys today! Azmir Saifuddin our resident posterboy and CAD-C's VR manager. They're moving forward with the Ancient Malacca project. What's this Ancient Malacca project - well they're helping to visualize Malacca in the 15th Century! Using VR and Real-time 3d Graphics to create a virtual historical site! Again - will elaborate on this later on..

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CAD-C : MyMalaysia (2nd Day)

The MSC Virtual Reality Center
Hello! Let me just introduce myself for the benefit of all reading.

Name: Hasnul Hadi Samsudin
Title: Head of Creative Applications Development Center (CAD-C)

What is CAD-C? I will tell you as we go along!

MyMalaysia: Digital Story Telling Project!
This CAD-C initiated project is to ensure that Malaysian Stories are brought out to the masses. What we are trying to do is to get a couple of students from Malaysian Secondary Schools (Middle to High School Level) and get them to learn about telling stories using digital media tools.

This is akin to projects by Apple and the

First day has been done - essentially the project manager - Mr. Vernon - went through the introduction of the project and gave a little lecture about story telling.

I will update it once we've been through more.


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